2020 Intention Setting

2020 has arrived and is now in full swing! As we approach this new decade, we are filled with a sense of hope and clarity for what we would like to accomplish this year. We can’t help but see the obvious correlation between the year 2020 and 20/20 vision. 
Our team believes in the power of writing down our goals and intentions and then realizing them. You simply can’t attract what you don’t track. Research has shown that writing your goals not only helps to clarify what would like to accomplish but also motivates you to complete the tasks to get there. In addition, you have more of a chance of success if you share your goals with someone and make them an accountability partner.
This year, I invite you to join me on a journey of setting intentions for each month. By selecting one word or phrase we would like to infuse in our everyday lives, we hope to make new connections and strengthen our existing ones. Together, we hope to make a deep impact in our community. Will you join us? 
Below is a calendar of themes for each month. Each day, we will remind ourselves of the intention we have chosen and allow it to inspire our thoughts and actions. 
To keep ourselves accountable, we will be sharing a gift each month with YOU in the form of a song, book recommendation, inspiring story, quote, or an invitation to an event. We’ll be sharing our experience on our IG feed so please be sure to follow us there.
Cheers to an incredible 2020 and to those words and intentions that will make this year an amazing one!
Warm Regards, 

2020 Intention Calendar

January: Listen Compassionately
February: Nourish Body & Soul
March: Plant a Seed
April: Unplug
May: Stretch
June: Say Yes to Adventure
July: Try Something New
August: Just Be & Be Present
Sept: Connect 
Oct: Make An Impact
Nov: Vote
Dec: Express Gratitude

For January, our intention is to LISTEN.

Speak in such a way that others love to LISTEN to you. 
Listen in such a way that others love to SPEAK to you.
This month we will listen to our intuition, to the sounds of nature, and to those around us.
We will listen with all of our senses to find peace within ourselves and to understand others in a deeper way.
AND...we are listening to an amazing new artist, Yola, who's redefining Americana's boundaries with her graceful blend of country, soul, and pop. Have you discovered her yet? Her debut album “Walk Through Fire,” has been described as “painted in broad, pastoral strokes, the kind of record meant to be played from start to finish” (LA Times). Listen here.
Her music is incredibly inspiring and we love the idea of listening to this album at the same time together.

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